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Datang NXP Semiconductors bonded warehouse was officially put into operation
Sep 27 2017

On September 26, Datang Telecom's Datang NXP Semiconductors (DNS) opened a public bonded warehouse in Rudong Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, which is the first bonded warehouse there. The use of bonded warehouse will effectively improve the operation efficiency of DNS, reduce customs clearance costs, shorten product logistics cycle, and better serve the company's domestic and foreign customers. At the same time, it also provides a good opportunity for the import and export business of Rudong and nantong surrounding areas to expand overseas. Xu Jinbiao, deputy head of Rudong County People's Government, Yang Jian, deputy head of Rudong Customs, Li Yonghua, president of Datang Telecom and Chairman of DATang ENIP, Jens Hinrichsen, global Senior Vice President of NXP and Vice Chairman of NXP Grand Dunnage, and Dr. Henning M. Hauenstein, General Manager of NXP Grand Dunnage attended the launch ceremony.

DNS is China's first automotive semiconductor design joint venture jointly established by DATang Telecom and NXP. The company started operation in Rudong Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province in April 2014. DNS is a standard of wafer manufacturing IC design companies, operating mode, the company based on China, geared to the needs of the global market, due to the different links of the supply chain are different regions around the world, to shorten the supply chain, enhance operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, better provide service for the customer, in jiangsu province, some local government support, With the opportunity of the establishment of Rudong Customs, the company's public bonded warehouse was officially approved in July this year.


Group photo of guests attending the operation ceremony

Rudong County government Xu Jinbiao deputy county magistrate said, "Rudong County Party Committee, county government will continue to promote good and fast economic development of the concept, to DNS public bonded warehouse development to give strong support and help.


Rudong County people's government deputy magistrate Xu Jinbiao spoke

Yang Jian, deputy director of Rudong Customs, said, "DNS public bonded warehouse has achieved a breakthrough of zero bonded supervision sites in Rudong, and will provide new power for the development of rudong's open economy."

President of datang telecom, DNS Appalachian state chairman, said: "in the future, DNS will be based on the newly established bonded warehouse, improve operational efficiency, optimize the operation management, constantly strengthen their competitiveness, better service for the customer, at the same time to create a new situation of the export-oriented economy some areas in jiangsu province render contribution."


Datang Telecom president, Datang INTELLIGENCE Pool chairman Li Yonghua spoke

The newly established bonded warehouse is operated by DNS and supervised by Rudong Customs. The bonded warehouse not only supports d&T's own business, improves customs clearance efficiency, shortenproduct logistics cycle and better serves customers, but also provides convenient customs clearance and warehousing services for local foreign trade enterprises. For the local government, the establishment of bonded warehouse fills the blank of no bonded warehouse in Rudong area, promotes the local foreign trade enterprises to carry out business more efficiently and conveniently, and drives the development of local economy.